Re: [Newbie] Increasing Skill and Spell amounts

From: Bill Pascoe (
Date: 11/02/02

Out of curiosity, is there a more conventional way of doubling the amount
spells and skills available in Circle? I know there's the 128 bit patch,
being a novice at code I'm not overly sure how that would apply to allowing
500 zones. I'd be perfectly comfortable with 500 zones personally. A
hand in the right direction could be of help. :)

Jeremy M.

Increasing the amount is spells and skills is different than the 128 bit
patch to increase them do this:

In spells.h you will see MAX_SPELLS I think stock is 160. Change that to
the number of spells you want. now you will have to renumber the
items following them to get that to work renumber up till it says #define
type_suffering. Just keep counting upwards.

 In structs.h below where the levels are defined (somewhere around 500) you
will see this

  #define MAX_SKILLS        300 /* Used in char_file_u *DO*NOT*CHANGE* */
make that number the number of skills+spells that you want ( ie I have 200
spells and 100 skills)

now you will have to go  into your message file which is

you will see a list of these:

* Bash
these numbers match the ones in your spells.h file.
$N doesn't recover from your bash! -- $E is dead.

Do that all the way to the bottom. and that should increase the number of
spells and skills that you can have. if you have problems or questions feel
free to email off the list and I can give you a hand with it. I common
problem I had was if I like did a kick I would get the message for like
fire breath or something. If this happens just compare all your numbers.

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