Re: [Newbie] Problem with structures.

From: Dave Marquardt (
Date: 11/03/02

> And if you do find out what's causing your problems, please let us know .
> . . or at least me.  I just threw away my development for a month and a
> half to start fresh because I had the same problem, but couldn't find the
> leak(s?) . . . if anything you find might help folks in the future, it'd
> be nice if you told us.  (Particularly if you find a problem in any code
> which is a snippet or such . . . a lot of folks end up using code from
> such things.)
> -Mathew

I'm not sure who it was, but someone recommended doing a "make clean"
(removing the object files) after altering the player structure.  This
seems to have solved the problem, although I haven't done exstensive
testing quite yet.   Whoever suggested that, thanks OODLES.  You kept my
project/hobby alive.

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