Re: [OT] [server] assorted problems with red hat 7.2

From: Brian (
Date: 11/04/02


Ben D Heise wrote:
> I set it to high security, with all but ssh running, and port 4000:tcp set as an extra open port.
> however, inside the network on any other computer, the linux box is like a ghost,

Could be wrong, but your issue may be outlined right there.  Ping uses
ICMP packets to go around.  Your linux box, when it receives ping
requests, *could* respond claiming it did not support the service, but
that in itself is sometimes considered a security problem -- it
broadcasts that you exist.  So your linux box is silently receiving this
info and ignoring it.  Probably your problem.

Tell me if you already thought of this, and I'm way off base.

As far as the other matters, can't help you much.


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