[CODE] Ferry code

From: Bill Pascoe (wspascoe@bellsouth.net)
Date: 11/05/02

I implemented the ferry code on the FTP website it works great (after I fixed the send to room error). But
was I happy NO.... I decided it needed more. I wanted it so that when
the ferry was in port an object loaded to the room so people could
see it. when it left the object would unload. Heres what I got:

if(time_info.hours == ferrys[onferrynum].f_time_arrive_to_room2){
<---snip to make shorter--->
obj_to_room(tobj, real_room(ferrys[onferrynum].f_to_room));
<---snip to make shorter--->

if(time_info.hours == ferrys[onferrynum].f_time_leave_from_room2){


ok the snips are just the create and remove exit code and messages to
rooms which work. Now the ferry will load into the room but the ferry
refuses to leave the room. heres is my obj defines:

struct obj_data *tobj;
obj_vnum fer;

fer = 1220;
tobj = read_object(fer, VIRTUAL);

I think you should be able to get the picture. Now what in the world
is wrong with this.

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