Re: [NEWBIE] spell_level()

From: peter dahlgren (
Date: 11/05/02

> > Yes, Zero counts, but the array value should always be one number
> > higher. What you should have is 'chclass[NUM_CLASSES ++]' which
> Um, what? I'm hoping you mean 'chclass[NUM_CLASSES + 1], because
> attempting to increment a constant does a whole lot of nothing (and
> results in a compilation error).

>Yes, that was a typo, I meant [NUM_CLASSES +1].

> > is more portable. On a side note, since 'class' is a reserved
> > keyword for C++, it's something that should be avoided.
> 'class', like all other tokens in C and C++ is unique from any
> combination of it and other characters. That is, 'chclass' is no
> more
> likely to collide with 'class' than 'rutabaga' and 'Class' are.
> Unless
> you think 'chClass' or 'ch_class' is a bit more readable, there's no
> reason to change this variable name.

>He's the one wanting to change from ch_class to class, not me.
>CircleMUD used to use 'class' but it was changed to 'ch_class'
>around bpl16 or so to make it more compatible.

What are you guys diddling about? you have totally misunderstood me... i have changed the chclass into an array to make a player be able to choose 5 additional classes to have skills from the five classes at the same time, and no, i don't want to rename chclass, and no, i don't want to put in NUM_CLASSES, because it would make the array 14 slots big! i want [6] as i said.
now moving on from this.. can anyone help me with the REAL problem i asked for, how does the spell_level() work? where does it check the players what classes they are to assign them spells?

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