Re: [OasisOLC] Yes Yes, almost done

From: Mythran (
Date: 11/05/02

> :Well I dont know if its a bug or not but I have the problem with zedit.
> Everytime I save the file it duplicates everything in it. so I end up with
> stuff like 2 fountains in the same room. I have OasisOLC 2.01 which I
> believe is the latest. If there already is a bug fix for that could someone
> let me know. Ive been trying to track it down (both the bug and the fix for
> it) but to no avail.
> And thanks for the update in advance.


This bug, is it saved in the files as 2 fountains??  Or is it just loading two
fountains (ie: calling the load procedure 2 times instead of just once).  Hmmm,
more information would be helpful being that I can't reproduce it unless I
actually create the bug itself...heh..

Send some more information on what you are using and maybe how you patched it in
(hand patch, et cetera..) and OS.


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