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From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 11/08/02

On Sat, 9 Nov 2002, peter dahlgren wrote:

> Hey, i was going through some of the code last night, and saw the
> APPLY_CLASS and level, and race being unused, i don't want them at all,
> can i remove them completely? i don't want to see them in oedit... my

They should be no problem to just remove.  As you said, they aren't really
used for much as it is. :)  You can also make it so that certain levels
cannot set certain flags.

(Example is zone flags of my zedit.c, change to suit.  May not even work
depending on what your files look like.)


  number = atoi(arg);
  if ((number < 0) || (number > NUM_ZONE_FLAGS)) {
    write_to_output(d, "That is not a valid choice!\r\n");
    if (number == 0) {
  else { /* Added at the suggestion of Welcor */
    if ((1<<(number-1)) == ZONE_AVAILABLE && GET_LEVEL(d->character) <
      write_to_output(d, "You're not allowed to determine a zone's
                          review state!\r\n");
    else if ((1<<(number-1)) == ZONE_HIDDEN && GET_LEVEL(d->character) <
      write_to_output(d, "You're not allowed to modify a zone's viewable
    else if ((1<<(number-1)) == ZONE_SYSTEM && GET_LEVEL(d->character) <
      write_to_output(d, "You're not allowed to set a zone's system
    else {
      TOGGLE_BIT(OLC_ZONE(d)->zone_flags, 1 << (number - 1));
      OLC_ZONE(d)->number = 1;


> and, the asterisk in redit flags... what is it used for? i know it's
> reserved for internal use, but exactly what?

BFS is used in determining a route from one point to another.  In all
actuality, I found that it didn't work for me, being a room flag, so I
removed it and made it into a boolean value in the room structure.  (Of
course, I also had massive memory corruption, so just because I did
something doesn't mean it's a good idea.  Any fix/suggestion I give should
be taken with a grain of salt bigger than an elephant.)


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