[code] GET_CLASS for multiclassing...

From: peter dahlgren (peter_dahlgren2002@yahoo.se)
Date: 11/09/02

Hey, i have some questions, here goes... :)

firstly, so all of you have an image of what i made...

GET_CLASS(ch) is changed into GET_CLASS(ch, i)

where i is the position of a class in the array for the multiclassing...

[0] is the first class, when the player creates his char

[1] is the first multiclass

and so on...

[5] is the last multiclass

what do i do when it checks if ch has the same class as vict?

like in say_spell where it displays the spell language if ch and vict has the same class?

i looked in db.c, but the line GET_CLASS(mob_proto + i) = 0;

i'm not sure what it looks for here... should i change it into GET_CLASS(mob_proto + i, 0) = 0; ?

and the st->chclass = GET_CCLASS(ch);

should i change it to st->chclass[i] = GET_CLASS(ch, i); ? or should i loop through it and make it store all values?

i have created some functions to search for the current position, eg the one you are leveling on at the moment... and to search for a specific class in the array, that returns the position number...

i know much doesn't make sense in this mail, but i tried to explain as directly as i could... off-list answers are appreciated as well :)

thanx :)


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