[AD] IceMUD, a Java version of Circle, is Beta!

From: shay (shay@highstyleweb.com)
Date: 11/09/02

I've always been a fan of the Circle, and also love to code.. so, I decided
that it would be nice to have a Java version of Circle.. IceMUD currently
uses a database to store all MUD information, like users, rooms, mobs, etc..

I also plan on making things like Classes, Races and Spells into
Plug-Ins.  Simple Jar files which make them nice and easy to add/remove/update.

I'm hoping to pound out any bugs that people can help find, and get a final
release out soon.

If your interested, you can find it at http://icemud.sourceforge.net
If your not, please ignore this email.. ;)


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