Re: [OasisOLC] RedHat Linux 8.0 Upgrade

From: Jesse Becker (
Date: 11/12/02

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, The Fungi wrote:

> I doubt it's the compiler. In Debian/Linux-Sid I am able to compile
> and run the 2002102121 snapshot with gcc 3.2.1-0pre5 and libc6
> 2.3.1-3. The only "error" I get is all the bzero warning spam, but
> it still works. Or is RH80 shipping with something newer than that?

You can get rid of the warnings by removing the "#define NEED_BZERO_PROTO"
line from conf.h.  The configure script needs to be updated to handle gcc
3.x.  Alternately, I think that (in theory) you can add a command to
CFLAGS in Makefile, and tell gcc to not use it's own internal prototypes.


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