Re: [DG] Problem with add_room, help needed

From: Artovil (
Date: 11/13/02

At 01:45 2002-11-13 +0100, Thomas Arp wrote:
>From: "Torgny Bjers" <artovil@ARCANEREALMS.ORG>
> > Either we need a way to reassign the variables that have been assigned
> > through zedit, or we skip the reassignment of the triggers altogether.
>By removing the lines we skip the reassignment. The question is whether
>this leads to a consistent world, memory leaks or whatever, in the long
>run. This remains to be seen, so I'll take the safe route - remove it,
>then debug from there.

Question: Why do we reassign the triggers on ALL rooms?  Are we using real
numbers anywhere in the triggers?  Is that why the reassignment takes
place?  I don't think so, because the triggers still work without those
lines... Hmm...

I have removed the lines from my code now, since it's been working just
fine before, and I haven't noticed any kind of memory contamination or
leaking, so it should be ok.

I spawned a theory through my severely limited grasp on memory pointers;
what if the struct with trigger data doesn't contain any strings?  Won't it
just be copied automatically then?  Isn't it until we have strings that we
need to make sure that the pointers refer to the correct address in
memory?  I assume so at least, so I guess that the trigger assignments
should make it...


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