Re: [DG] Problem with add_room, help needed

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 11/12/02

From: "Torgny Bjers" <artovil@ARCANEREALMS.ORG>
> On 02-11-12 21.34, "Torgny Bjers" <artovil@ARCANEREALMS.ORG> wrote:
> > On 02-11-12 21.03, "Torgny Bjers" <artovil@ARCANEREALMS.ORG> wrote:
> > [snip]
> > I am going to do some debugging and tracing inside extract_script and
> > assign_triggers as well, and if I find anything, I will post it.
> > this has been addressed in the pl9 patch, will verify that as well.
It hasn't. I wasn't aware there was a problem until now.

> Ok, I think I know what happens now.  extract_script() removes the entire
> trigger storage on the room, and if I am not entirely incorrect, the
> variables are stored in the same storage space.  Hence, once the room's
> triggers have been extracted the vars will not exit on the room any

Exactly. This is both good and bad - mostly bad, come to think of it.
I wonder if just removing those lines will make memory leaks or anything.

> Either we need a way to reassign the variables that have been assigned
> through zedit, or we skip the reassignment of the triggers altogether.

By removing the lines we skip the reassignment. The question is whether
this leads to a consistent world, memory leaks or whatever, in the long
run. This remains to be seen, so I'll take the safe route - remove it,
then debug from there.


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