Re: [Circle][Code][Bug] Sumomo bundle pack.

From: Bill Pascoe (
Date: 11/15/02

> I think I've found a bug in the sumomo bundle pack.  Whenever a character
> tries to save in a zone created with the OLC zedit new command, and said
> player doesn't have the LOADROOM flag, it crashes the system.  It seems like
> it only crashes the system when the player saves in zones created online,
> though.  It's weird.  If anyone else has encountered (and subsequently
> fixed) this problem, please let me know.  Or if anyone knows how I could get
> ahold of the creator of the package, if you could forward me their contact
> info, that'd be great.   Thanks.
It doesnt seem like to 2 things would be connected. What happens when someone saves in any other zone. Is it a mortal or immortal character. Also are they quitting or just saving. I guess one fix you could do is give every player the LOADROOM flag when they start the game (in init char function) but I think the problem lies somewhere else.

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