Re: [NEWBIE] Handpatching

From: Bill Pascoe (
Date: 11/17/02

\Can somebody please tell me how to handpatch? I have circle 3.0 beta patch
level 18 and i \added a race patch, and now i want OLC, but i know the
patch wont work because the \source was changed. Any help on handpatching
OasisOLCv2.0.1-bpl18.patch would be \greatly appreciated.
If all you added were races my suggestion would be to start over with the
version that is either already patched with OLC or the stock mud and patch
it in. BUt if you want to hand patch OLC or any other patch there is a
snippet on the FTP site that gives you the symbols and what to do. If you
do start over I would suggest upgrading to a higher version I think they
are upto 21 or 22 now. What Im finding out (I have a 19 thats been modified
alot) is that new patches are being made for 21 or higher and they have
changed the way some of the code works (ie snprintf.. i think its called)
and you spend alot of time converting the patches to the code version that
you are using.

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