Re: [OasisOLC] BugFix Help Please

From: Mythran (
Date: 11/17/02

> >> >When I type cedit again, everything is blank, as if I am using a blank
> >> >structure again with no data loaded in it :(
> >>
> >> That's because you are.
> >
> >config_info = OLC_CONFIG(d);  <-- cedit_save_internally()
> >OLC_CONFIG(d) = config_info;  <-- cedit_setup()
> >
> > would it be blank if I am copying the data over like this? What do
> >you mean it is because I am using a blank structure with no data?  I know I am
> >freeing it, but right after, I am creating it and copying in the same routine.
> Look at the line again; you're not copying data.
> A detailed explanation is left an exercise for the reader because I have to
> go meet some friends at a restaurant.  Hint: Investigate the '*' operator
> in existing OasisOLC code.

Hmm, I hate it when ppl leave something as an exercise for the reader...I always
get the wrong answer.....hmm, this problem still remains.  I really don't see why
it is "copying" a blank structure.  More help than hints would be nice...maybe
the answer :P

Thanks, there are only a few more bugs to be worked out and then rlink / rcopy to
be added to Oasis.  I think those are the last few things before testing with
actual muds...


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