Re: READ ME NOW: It's Here! CircleMUD 3.1!

From: Mythran (
Date: 11/18/02

> Congrats on the Release!  I hope to one day be able
> to compile CircleMUD 4.x and bast in it's glory, just
> like 3.x and 2.x =)
> -Xerin

Haven't you heard?  They are now patenting the CircleMUD release, distributing
binary only, and not giving out any zones/mob/room/obj files anymore.  It is all
just a basic stock mud w/o any mud.  Just a binary, useless file without

At least oasisolc comes with a non-readable Japanese lookalike language w/o the
readability like Japanese (readme file).  (Nothing against Japanese, to use
Americans, at least those of us who don't know Japanese, all non-native languages
sound like Japanese...)



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