Re: READ ME NOW: It's Here! CircleMUD 3.1!

From: Tseran (
Date: 11/19/02

> CircleMUD 3.1 is now made officially available for your consumption.

You mean all those virgin code sacrifices paid off?  Cool!  Good job
Alex and George and Daniel and Jeremy and Chris!  You guys rock!

> This is the final[2] release that all of the beta patchlevels over the
> last several years have been building towards.

And here I was hoping for Patchlevel 2000 :)  We could have seen if we
had the patchlevel 2k bug.  *ducks*

> Work will begin shortly on the CircleMUD 4.x series, with a release
> expected in late 2010[6].

We missed the monolith on the moon already.  However, we still don't
have a space station that folks can hang out in, so I guess that means
the timeline for all that is pushed back.  Maybe by then we will see
Russian sattelites that aren't held together by duct tape.  ;)  Oh what
am I saying, that's probably never gonna happen.

> Special thanks to all of those on the CircleMUD Mailing List and
> everyone
> who submitted bug reports over the last decade, we couldn't have done
> it
> without you.[7]

Uhm.....Alex.....I got a bug report for 3.1.  *ducks and hides, running
under cover before he is lynched*

Seriously.  Some things I would like to see in 4.x:
- ASCII files all around.  This would solve the problem of incompatible
systems and make it easier to upgrade.  These days, with the price of
memory, an extra 2 megs taken up means nothing, and processing power is
such that it wouldn't even phase most of them.
- Make structures more compatible.  As it stands, there are more
differences between mobs and PCs then there are simalarities.  If the
differences are removed, it makes them more compatible.  Who knows,
then it may even be easier for PC's to become mobs for spells like
polymorphs.  Or have less problems when a player switches into a mob.
Have player specific data (like prefs) in the descriptor, and character
specific data (like affects) in the char_data.
- Easier ways to add in more affects, and more bitvectors then the 32
limit.  The current incarnation of my MUD uses 4 AFF's (AFF-AF4) and if
I keep going, I forsee and 5th one soon.  Its rather annoying to try
and remember which # an affect belongs in, so I can use the proper
AFF_FLAGGED command too.

The main points I have is easier to expand without requiring major
re-writes or pwipes.  That is something I know a lot of players out
there hate pwipes, and having the code base able to handle upgrades
without needing them is something which most players and admins would
appreciate being standard.
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