Re: Circle 4.x wish list

From: Tseran (
Date: 11/19/02

> 1. Highly data driven. move all of the static string stuff to files and
> see about moving a lot of the hard coded numbers and stuff like levels
> and their titles for example to files as well.

I also think it would work well having things like saving throws, class
info, skills, spells also done in this fashion.

> 2. A scripting system to help facilitate #1 above. (possibly modify
> DG_Scripts to handle this)

Don't see why it would need this.  It would be easier to just make a
more detailed parser.

> 3. Versioning on data files so they don't have to be updated each time
> you add something new like a new description, affect etc. they would be
> updated only when needed.

Ohhh....I do like this.  But a good CVS would work as well.
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