Re: Circle 4.x wish list

From: Xerin (
Date: 11/19/02

--- Tseran <Tseran@SEXMAGNET.COM> wrote:
> > 1. Highly data driven. move all of the static
> string stuff to files and
> > see about moving a lot of the hard coded numbers
> and stuff like levels
> > and their titles for example to files as well.
> I also think it would work well having things like
> saving throws, class
> info, skills, spells also done in this fashion.

Adding onto this idea, why not a mysql flavor of
CircleMUD?  Upsides include web adminstration, ease
of adding new code to your mud (e.g. easier to add
in things that require varibles w/o all the mess of
opening files and parseing), while downsides would
include servers not having mysql, and mysql downtime
issues ;P

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