Re: Circle 4.x wish list

From: Mysidia (
Date: 11/22/02

> Feh, at that point just stick to the spec_proc stuff.  The point
> is to create something easy for non-coder world builders to use.
> Personally, most scripting languages I've seen are not a whole lot
> easier to use then some full programming languages, so I've never
> really cared much for scripting.

In terms of `preferring a language' or not, that is not very important.
The reason I say 'eww' to perl or java interpreters is they generate
a large footprint: a javascript interpreter is fairly small, and using
it would generate less overhead.

Simple is good, and perl is far from simple, but javascript and lisp
are close.

No, that's not the point.  Your goals are apparently different.

I would like to see spec procs completely replaced with stored procedures.

I view an embedded script interpreter not as a tool whose purpose is
to help beginners but as a tool for making the system more modular:

  o Procedures can be created/destroyed/edited without restarts

  o There is no risk of errors procedure coding crashing the mud by
    causing buffer overflows or null pointer exceptions: in the worst
    case, the stored procedure breaks.

  o Scripts are isolated from the mud code: spec proc writers could
    easily insert backdoors in their procedures, but it could be much
    harder with a scripted language, especially if there's some kind
    of "trust system" which dictates what any particular script can or
    cannot do.

  o It's much harder for a beginner to shoot themselves in the foot with
    an interpreted language rather than a system language like C, so
    it still helps beginners.

  o My contention is that dg scripts is actually not easier to learn
    than javascript, perl, or lua (for instance): that i've seen, dg
    scripts can actually look quite convulated and _more_ confusing
    than actual program code.

  o If it's possible to support 'interpreter' plugins, that would
    be a most useful approach, since implementors could then "choose their
    own scripting language" as it were by choosing the plugin they like.


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