OasisOLC 2.02 sneak-peek

From: Templar Viper (templarviper@hotmail.com)
Date: 11/25/02

As one of the few that is beta-testing olc, I'm happy to provide people 
with some info about the upcomming version of OasisOLC. In fact, 
Mythran is still working on it, other then some people might think. It's
done when it's done, not sooner.

Three new files have been introduced:
- Cedit.c: The new configure edit, an in-game configuration utility is a 
system that lets you edit most of the variables in circleMUD. Thanks 
to plentifull comments, it's easy to understand, and easy to expand. 
- oasis_list.c: Another mayor new function are the listing commands, 
which lets you list rooms, mobiles, and objects in an entire zone or in 
an certain range without too much efford. It's one of those functions 
that will make olc easier to use. Again, all new functions include 
comments, that explains the use of them. 
- oasis_delete.c: In this file, the function is included that makes is 
possible to delete room on the fly, plus functions that relate to 
'cleaning' of olc.

So what will you probably get in the new Oasisolc? From my 
experience, olc is more stabile, I only had one crash which had to do
with the new zlist command, cleaner code that is well commented, is 
easier to understand, and is easier to expand. It contains several small 
fixes, for instance several memory leaks are solved.     

There is still some work required, so give Mythran some time.

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