[code] a proper telnet stack

From: Abigail Brady (morwen@evilmagic.org)
Date: 11/25/02

Circle 3.1's telnet stack still consists basically of ignoring anything
outside ASCII range.  This more or less works, but make it much harder
to internationalise the server, and there are a quite a few telnet
options that are in the ASCII range and won't be ignored.

See <http://cryosphere.net/patches/circle-3.1-telnet.diff> for my patch.
This rewrites it totally to use a state machine.  It doesn't actually
add any support for negotiation or anything, it just provides the
infrastructure so it can be plugged straight in.  Also it's not yet
converting outgoing ÿs to IAC IAC as it should, as its clear to me where
this conversion should be done (or how it should be avoided for echo_off
and echo_on).

Abigail Brady <morwen@evilmagic.org>

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