Re: Circle 4.x wish list

From: Dread Quixadhal (
Date: 11/25/02

> From:    Mysidia <>
> > >4. Add Oasis/Dg Scripting.
> > Oasis: Nay.
> > DG Scripts: Undecided.
> > Embedding Perl/Python/etc.: Aye.
> [snip]
> Oasis is nice, but I don't like dg scripts that much, and don't
> think they ought to be included.

As far as Oasis goes, if not Oasis, then what?  Last time I looked,
the olc code that comes with the stock distro was pretty much an idea
with a few shards of code clinging to the skeleton.  Oasis might not
be everyone's bread and butter, but it does seem to work and be fairly
mature and well-tested.

If the designers have something else waiting in the wings, excellent!
Drop us a few breadcrumbs if you get the chance, but if not I'd go with
what works and is apparently quite popular.

> I'd much rather see an embedded script interpreter for
> a language such as ECMAscript/javascript, or even
> (eww) perl or java.
> Actually, I think it'd be really neat to have something of
> an embedded lisp interpreter to handle special procedures
> (or perhaps "pluggable interpreters" so implementors could
>  choose to embed whatever script interpreter or none if
>  they so choose):

I agree 100% with that idea.  Why force the decision of a particular
scripting language when no matter which one you pick, 75% of the people
won't like it.

Just like a database (Postgres anyways), I'd like to see lists of supported
languages where you can add/delete them at runtime.  If you write a script
python (for example) and the mud it gets loaded on doesn't have a python
available, then the script just doesn't run and spits out a warning to that

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