Treating a character string array pointer as a stream

From: Tseran (
Date: 12/02/02

This is something I have never attempted, but now am trying to do.  I
have built myself a overhead mapping system and it works great.
However, now I want to add some more functionality to it.  Basically,
all the mapping data is kept in the rooms description.  This allows it
to be editted online quite easily.  What I want to do, however, is make
it so that you can customize parts of the map, and I want to do a
parsing of the description itself.  By the time the parsing would be
called, the description would already be loaded into the room
structure, and the room file closed.  What I want to do is treat the
description pointer as a file stream and therefore be able to use the
get_line() and fread_string() functions.  Is this possible, or would I
have to re-write those functions to get that capability.  Any help
would be appreciated, as this is something I have never even tried to
attempt before.
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