Re: [Code][Deran's XML Guild system

From: Tseran (
Date: 12/03/02

On Tuesday, December 3, 2002, at 04:39  PM, Jeremy M. wrote:
> I was curious if anyone has attempted to convert Deran's XML guild
> system to
> a flat file system, and if you have, would you be willing to share in
> the
> wisdom? I'm not necessarily overly enthusiastic about placing that
> code into
> the mud source and causing my project to become XML dependent, so I was
> thinking about converting to a flat file format, to avoid the problem.

I did it.  However, I also re-organized the code, and re-did a lot of
it and made it more then just changes to make it work.  I also cut out
things in it and added certain propietary things to it.

These are the steps I took and the approach I had.
1. Decide what elements you want, and organize all the parts.
2. Write up the parsing utilities (I suggesting using the object parser
as a guideline, since there will be certain constant elements and then
elements that are added in after, like object affects)
3. Connect the bits and start testing.
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