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Date: 12/03/02

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Subject: [Code][Deran's XML Guild system

> I was curious if anyone has attempted to convert Deran's XML guild system
> a flat file system, and if you have, would you be willing to share in the
> wisdom? I'm not necessarily overly enthusiastic about placing that code
> the mud source and causing my project to become XML dependent, so I was
> thinking about converting to a flat file format, to avoid the problem.

1) I doubt people here on the list would know who "Deran" is since he didn't
publish the guild code under his Immortal name on Dragon's Fang.

(For those curious Jeremy is referring to the guild-improved patch:
written by Yohay Etsion.)

I haven't done it, but it wouldn't be hard.  You'd just have to recode the
parser to work with a flat ASCII File instead of the XML files.

2) I know that Torgny wrote a parser for it to save into mySQL and has
a snippit for that on his website (, look in the
forums under Snippits.)

It's a replacement to guild_parser.c.  Look at the two files, find the data
you need to save to the guild files and then re-write the save routine. =P

- Greg Buxton
Shadows of Amber : 5000

(Also a former Head Coder for Dragon's Fang who's spent waaay too much time
dealing with XML saving and loading.)

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