[Code][Deran's XML Guild system

From: Jeremy M. (jkm4802@hotmail.com)
Date: 12/03/02

I was curious if anyone has attempted to convert Deran's XML guild system to
a flat file system, and if you have, would you be willing to share in the
wisdom? I'm not necessarily overly enthusiastic about placing that code into
the mud source and causing my project to become XML dependent, so I was
thinking about converting to a flat file format, to avoid the problem.

If anyone has done it, or could do it, gimme a jingle. :P

Alternately, if anyone would like to see it done, and would be interested in
obtaining it once it's done, let me know, I'll probably end up releasing the
code to the circle site once it's done.

Riodan aka Jeremy M.

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