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Date: 12/09/02

At 00:27 2002-12-09 -0500, you wrote:
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>"I have been sketching on a system for our CircleMUD which will allow
>players to have one login account with multiple characters.  I thought I'd
>run this by the list since I am having some problems with actually planning
>the system code-wise, and perhaps somebody has done something like this
>before, and perhaps they even have code tidbits to share."
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>The first thing I thought of when I began reading your post was, why would
>anyone really want to do that? What are the advantages? Doesn't Circle
>handle players well enough? Why reinvent the wheel again?
>I've also seen these types of systems implemented and even now I can't help
>but wonder to myself, why bother..  I've had my interests tantalized by the
>topic because I get bored and don't mind throwing in code when I'm like
>that. :P  Can anyone answer any of the above stated questions? I've either
>got blinders on to the benefits, or there really aren't any benefits to
>adding that system.
>---- RE: Torgny (sorry if I mispelled your name)
>** for the sake of a huge arse email I am not adding the reply **
>Your post was indeed enlightening, thus I also see potential there, but I do
>however have a few concerns, one being of course the forementioned concern
>in your reply about players merely using multiple email addresses. The
>problem I would see with that is that if you disallow certain email
>addresses like for instance "hotmail", you'd be cutting into your player
>base. Not everyone has their own "real" email address although I certainly
>do, but keep it reserved for private and god willing no spam use. However,
>like I said, I was intrigued by the idea and you've all (including the other
>respondees) made a few good points, and have certainly given the rest of us
>a fuller picture. Good luck with it, my only hope is that you guys and gals
>developing it go against the building fad of using mySQL as your cure all.

I never mentioned blocking certain domains with free email accounts, such
as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Excite.  If I was to, or had to, block any domain it
would probably be AOL, The Root Of All Evil(tm). ;)

If somebody sets up a CVS I'd be happy to start development for a CircleMUD
3.1 with unified accounts, or, I'll just start without the CVS, but I'd
rather not.  I have no machines I can run a CVS server at, and I can't use
the one for our MUD since I have no remote access to it, except through
SSH, and there I only have two shell accounts, so that's a no go.

My thought was to go with ASCII pfiles initially, when the package is
complete, I can convert the loading and saving to MySQL for my MUD pretty
quick anyway.


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