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Date: 12/09/02

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> From:    "Jeremy M." <>
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> "I have been sketching on a system for our CircleMUD which will allow
> players to have one login account with multiple characters.  I thought
> I'd
> run this by the list since I am having some problems with actually
> planning
> the system code-wise, and perhaps somebody has done something like this
> before, and perhaps they even have code tidbits to share."
> --* Snip! *---
> The first thing I thought of when I began reading your post was, why
> would
> anyone really want to do that? What are the advantages? Doesn't Circle
> handle players well enough? Why reinvent the wheel again?
> I've also seen these types of systems implemented and even now I can't
> help
> but wonder to myself, why bother..  I've had my interests tantalized
> by the
> topic because I get bored and don't mind throwing in code when I'm like
> that. :P  Can anyone answer any of the above stated questions? I've
> either
> got blinders on to the benefits, or there really aren't any benefits to
> adding that system.
> Riodan

I was thinking on implementing this in a new version of the mud i work
with so that all chars in one account can share a locker.
There must be other reasons to do so....
Daniel Correia

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