EasyColour and such with CircleMUD 3.1

From: Vladimir Romanov (rovlad@ipbi.ru)
Date: 12/10/02

Hey there guys.

  While looking through the code of easy/better/manual colour patches
  available on http://developer.circlemud.org/contrib/code/colour/, I
  couldn't help noticing they're all quite out of date - e.g. they all
  imply changing void send_to_output, which simply doesn't exist in
  latest installments of CircleMUD (3.1, probably some recent bpls
  too). Anyone has a clue where I should look into now? void write_to_q
  seems to be doing something with it, but I wasn't successful when I
  tried to paste code intended for send_to_output in it.

  Any hints, advice or chunks of code would be greatly appreciated.

With best regards,
Vladimir "Rovlad" Romanov

Winds of Azeroth MUD :: Lead Developer
rovlad@ipbi.ru :: ICQ# 6928535

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