An old mistake

From: Jason Yarber (
Date: 12/12/02

    In the past I've released CFI(CircleFullInstall).  It has come to my
attention that I
accidentally released it as CFW(CircleFullWindows) at one point in time.  My
comes here.  The original intent was only to release it as CFI, but I've
come to the knowledge
that almost everyone who downloads the project, downloads the accidental CFW
Unfortunately, CFW is the older version, and is no longer supported.  But,
the number of
responses I've gotten on CFW lead me to question whether I should rename my
project to CFW.

    After much pondering, I've decided to rename the project to CFW.
Although this requires
a considerable amount of work on my part, I feel it is the best option I
have.  Therefore, I
wish to ask George Greer, to remove CFI from the ftp server, as well as CFW.
Within the
next week, I will re-release CFW using a new naming standard, that will
allow me to include
projects version number in the zip files name.  Since I did not use version
numbers for the
project in the past, I will be releasing this next copy as  The version
number is broken down as follows:

CFW(Circle Major).(Circle Minor)_(Patch level)_(Project Major).(Project

    This message is to inform you, the list, about the change, as well as to
request assistance from
George Greer, in making it a possibility.  Thank you, for your time, and

Jason Yarber

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