Re: EasyColor 2.2 and CircleMUD 3.1

From: Ronald Fenner (
Date: 12/13/02

On Friday, December 13, 2002, at 11:14  AM, Marcel Honstraß wrote:

> Hi,
> it looks like you have already some experiences with easy color.
> My question to you: How do you prevent that normal mortals use this
> color?
> For Example: Alrik the mortals:
> say &RBooh!
you need to create a function that can filter color based on what ever
level you want to be able to use them. the best place to put the
function is after the input has been received but before it's stuck in
the players input queue for processing.

I have done this before and the last way I did it was actually quite
flexiable at filtering anything and everything that you wanted it to
because it had hooks for determine what was filtered and what to do
with the filtered characters. Anyways maybe i'll find the source that
has it rip it out and post it for people to look over and use. also it
can be used for more than just filtering or replacing the color codes
since you tell it what it's looking for and what it's to do with what
it's looking for on a per use basis for example i used it for both
color codes and handling the special XML characters that need to be


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