Re: [debug] Strange gdb Error

From: Daniel Correia (dacain@NETVISAO.PT)
Date: 12/18/02

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 11:23:50 -0600, Patrick Dughi <> wrote:

>> been using gdb to track down some crashing random
>> errors and come across this one.
>> I have not used gdb that much b4 and was wondering
>> if you could point me on the right direction.
>> Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
>> 0x40139b8e in __select () at __select:-1
>> -1 __select: No such file or directory.
>> in __select
>        A SIGINT usually means that someone ran the program manually, and
>hit 'control-c' or the like to terminate the program manually.  This can
>also be caused by things like logging out of the shell that 'owns' the
>process, among others.  How you deal with that is dependant upon your OS.
>You could search for 'nohup' on the list archives though, to get you
>                                                PjD

I'm runing it on gdb and i did not exit shell, the process is mine I loaded
some mobs to test some fixes i did to a room prog addon the last implemetor
coded, so it would become more tolerant on the builders side.
I had just corrected some acess to arrays outside its limits. Then this
error showed up.
The progs are to push mobs/players to a diferent room with a percent.
Simulates underwater curents and such.
The progs are read from room files while loading and dont acess any files.
Maybe its someother thing thats sending the SIGINT.

Daniel Correia

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