Re: [NEWBIE] Combat with error

From: Brian (
Date: 12/18/02

Chimico wrote:
> Hi! I send a msg before but i think it didn't work! So...

It sent the first time.  Now, I'd say it worked just as well as this
second one.  That is, it didn't 'work' at all.

> The matter is that when anyone, including gods, iniciate a combat with
> any mob, they can't hit then.

You win this years PWACBD award.  (That's the, Pronouns Whose
Antecedents Can't Be Determined).

Are you saying that when a player types "hit fido", the fight never
starts?  Or does the fight start and the player never gets his turn in
battle?  Or does the player always get his turn, but he always misses?

You provide too little information to even understand your problem, let
alone begin to solve it.

> i made a little search in act.offensive.c and fight.c but didn't find anything wrong

Here might be a good point to tell us what modifications you've made to
important code, major patches you've added.  You might include some code
from perform_violence() and hit() in fight.c.

Please try again with more information.

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