Re: [CODE] Patrick Dughi's DBS in VC6

From: John (
Date: 12/19/02


>   I've handpatched it into my 3.1 codebase, and the only problem I
>   have with it is boards.c file which has an include of <dirent.h>.
>   It simply doesn't exist in VC6, and while I know it handles
>   directory structures, I can't seem to find a replacement for it
>   within VC6. Is there any at all, or how should I manage without it?

One possible work-around for handling a non-existant header file would be to
let the compiler help you out.  First, remove the #include statement for the
offending header file.  Then, run the build.  The build should choke on
whatever variable definitions, function prototypes, macros, etc. were being
defined in the missing header file.  Armed with function, variable and macro
tags, you should now be able to use your text search tool of choice to
process the libraries of header files you do have access to, to see if any
of them will provide the necessary functionality.

Option #2: Proceed with the aforementioned commenting out of the header
file.  Let the build process tell you what needs defining.  Then build your
own header file, foo.h (or whatever) and include it where the <dirent.h>
#include was.

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