[CODE] Patrick Dughi's DBS in VC6

From: Vladimir Romanov (rovlad@ipbi.ru)
Date: 12/19/02

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen.

  I have a little problem with the snippet stated in the subject,
  which can be found here:
  I've handpatched it into my 3.1 codebase, and the only problem I
  have with it is boards.c file which has an include of <dirent.h>.
  It simply doesn't exist in VC6, and while I know it handles
  directory structures, I can't seem to find a replacement for it
  within VC6. Is there any at all, or how should I manage without it?
  Thanks in advance.

With best regards,
Vladimir "Rovlad" Romanov

Winds of Azeroth MUD :: Lead Developer
rovlad@ipbi.ru :: ICQ# 6928535

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