Re: [OasisOLC] New Patch Soon

From: Mythran (
Date: 12/30/02

> On Mon, 30 Dec 2002 08:10:21 -0800, Mythran <> wrote:
> >Ok, since I haven't really received any word about bugs with the new
> >version of OasisOLC, I believe it should be released publicly.
> Who was given a copy of it and did you bug them for bug's?
Greer, me, and a few others...

> >Greer has ?the patch and so if he could release it, the public will have
> >it :)
> did you address all the problems he found and addressed in
Hrm...working on that now...and no, I didn't know...problems with Hotmail keep
making the LIST disable my accnt.

> >But, it doesn't patch cleanly in 3.1.  It is a bpl22 based patch
> >and can easily be patched into 3.1, with a reject or two.  I will be
> >patching the 3.1 patch after he made it available to the public as
> >soon as possible.  I want to see if any bug reports come in from the
> >public and any requests as well to make it as good as possible for the
> ?rest of the world.
> you are the man !!!! we love you !!
> -Brandon Allen

Ok, I got it working so far, in bpl3.0...but now I am working on setting up the
bugs/comments from Greer...

Shouldn't be too much longer yay...


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