From: Kevin Dethlefs (Demortes2004@aol.com)
Date: 12/30/02

I have run out of options, but I need this fixed. Here is what happends:

When the proper level tries to HEDIT it gives some permission message,
stating that the builder doesn't have permission. I looked through the code
for the zone permission to give, in this case 666 (by default). I gave the
permission, and it worked once. After the builder left the menu, it wouldn't
work for zone 666. I did notice however that syslog said that he needed zone
16, even when 666 had worked that one time. I gave him zone 16 permissions.
It worked again, but once. Now syslog said zone 0. Now this is where it
confuses me. I gave the permission to edit zone 0 for curiosity sake, and it
doesn't work at all. Syslog keeps saying that <whoever> tried to edit zone 0
allowed 0 or whatever it says. The code has the HEDIT_PERMISSION set as 666,
and the code accepts the level at all spots I can see.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any and all help will be appreciated.
Also, is there a snippet to where I don't have the builders list, just set
the seperate olc's, like olc1 and so on, or maybe the builder snippet that
actually works. When I last had it in, you needed your OLC set with "set <who>
 olc <zone#>" AND had to be in the builder's list. That and I don't think the
builders list will work properly in bpl21, will it?

This also brings me to my next question... are a lot of the snippets being
worked on to put in cleanly in bpl21+?

Hehe, I'm a man of questions today. Zdelete, if I remember right, requires a
reboot and doesn't edit the triggers index file, any way I can fix this to
work with copyover or simply mark zones to be deleted, and then on
copyover/reboot to do that? And how would I get it to properly edit the index
file in trg?

Sorry for the annoyances, I'm sure that if I were more expierenced, I would
know this stuff,


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