Smokeables and a general question about Patching...

From: Adam Scriven (
Date: 12/31/02

Hello fellow MUDders.

I've been thinking about adding smokeables to my MUD, similar to drinkables.

I've searched through developer, and done google searches and whatnot, but I
haven't seen anything like this.  Is there any code available, or should I
just start plugging away and seeing what happens?
I don't mind trying to do this myself, it'll take me a while (My C is very
rusty, let's just say), but I'm sure I'll get there in the end.

I was thinking about implementing it the same as with drinks, and drink
containers, and different liquids, so that there are different "smokables"
containers (pipes, papers, hookas, bongs), different smokables (tobacco and
cannabis obviously, but other things too eventually).  They could definately be
poisoned (paraquat-sprayed cannbis is a good real-world example), so I'll
adapt that too.  Maybe they'll affect your "drunk" level as well, and maybe
your hunger/thirst too (although I hadn't even thought about that until just

I'm curious what the community thinks about this.  It seems to me it would be
a very big job, so is there anything I should take into consideration to make
it "patchable" to other systems, to people don't have to duplicate my work?

That brings up another question, actually.  I'm a newbie at this Patching
thing... how portable is it?  Every time I've tried it (both for the MUD
and other things) it's seemed very hit and miss (usually miss in my
[in]experience)... so will any of those existing patches work on 3.1 (like
OLC, or text-based files, both of which are attractive, but I haven't tried
them to see if they'll work yet, due to past patching problems)?  Is there
anything reasonably that can be done to fix that, or that I should look out
for in making my OWN patches?

I'm using CircleMUD 3.1, unpatched, but slightly modified (Mayor Spec-proc,
and other minor things), for more information.

Thanks for any thoughts!
Adam AKA DrWho

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