Re: Dumb Question: DG Scripts PL 9

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 12/31/02

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From: "Russ Lohman" <khsweb@IDAHO.TDS.NET>

> Looking for resources for the new patch level. If anyone has a good site
> for creating scripts it would be appriciated.

This is not to be self-promotive, but have you looked at my site at (yes, it's just an alias for ?
The site hasn't quite been updated to pl9, but will eventually be.

If you are looking for more, google usually helps me.

Also, to everyone outthere waiting for a new release of dg scripts.
Be patient, it will come. I'm sitting tight waiting for Mythran[1] to
release the new olc. Shortly after that, I should have a patch out.


[1] Yes, this is group pressure. Are you stressed ? *evil grin*

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