Re: [NEWBIE] Question about patchlevels

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/01/03

On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, Ross Phillips wrote:

>I got my stock circle from:
>which I believe to be circle 3.0 bpl21 as the filename suggests (and the
>changelog within it says: "Version 3.00 beta pl20 release: January 15,
>2002"), however when I run it and either monitor it from my shell (using
>bin/circle instead of autorun) or if I type version from withing the game,
>it tells me: "CircleMUD, version 3.00 beta patchlevel 19"

It's trying to be sneaky, but the filename is correct.

>erm... so I was wondering if anyone can confirm wether I have bpl 19 or
>bpl 21 ??

ChangeLog is sometimes a revision behind, depending on when I write the
release note with regard to marking it up for shipping.  The 'version'
command is because I forgot to update it for two patchlevels.

George Greer

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