Re: [OasisOLC] New Patch Soon

From: Mythran (
Date: 01/02/03

> I have downloaded a copy of that oasis patch so I could play around with
> it a little.  I don't plan on using this version as I am going to wait
> till Mythran fixes Georges list of problems then I'm going to be using
> that one.  So far things a looking good though.  Cedit is great. I was
> just wondering if you are planning on adding a social editor into the
> package.  I personally find that utility to be very useful.  Most of the
> patches for aedit are very outdated and require a bit of effort to get to
> be compatible with the newer version of circle and oasis. Thats all for
> now.  Thanks.

Yes, socail editor (aedit), help editor (hedit), player editor (pedit), and a new
editor system are all plans that I am going to try to implement.  I am going to
attempt to add a more EDITOR type editor to the OasisOLC package for writing
strings such as descriptions and stuff.  There will be a flag for each
player/builder to be able to use this new way or to use the old way.

If anyone already has any of the above new commands done and ported to a
relatively NEW pl, please send it to me and you will get credit for
creating/updating it.  (Call me lazy, new year, headache, body ache, MARRIAGE!)

BTW, I am getting RE-married to my wonderful wife.  We got married 2 years ago,
but no friends or family came (it was in a hurry).  Now, we are actually planning
this wedding...NOVEMBER 22nd, 2003.  If you want to send gifts (**smirk**)...


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