[Circle] Smokeing

From: Brandon Allen (crio49@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 01/06/03

I was inspired by the idea of adding smokeing to my mud
i will post a diff file aginst 3.1 tomorow when i am
done. i am mostly changeing the drink system around
but for my players i have 2 evil suprizes.

for the FULL,THIRST,DRUNK aread i added 1 extra field
to it and copyed them to all say smoke insted of water


in the score screen you can see smoke and high
but cough and addicted are not in the list.

cough and addicted do not go down with everything else

it takes a long time ( currently a mud week) for them
to go down 1 knotch.

smokeing in my mud has a few extra advantages.

if you smoke root a you will not pass out at 0 hp
you will jsut up and die at -10 so you can keep

there are things that will give you temporary hit
points based on a % of your current hit points
( this is so when you get up to higher levels
the fun with smokeing doesnt go away) there are
some that make you immune to mental atacks ( your
brain is all futzed up anyway) however most of
these come at some price.

the patch i am releasing will contain just the
basics of the smokeing code. just the abbility
to smoke. the tags to be able to make smokeable
items and items to smoke stuff in. and the
mods to pfiles needed to make the cough and addiction

anyone have any ideas before i release the first patch ?

--Brandon Allen

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