Re: [BUG] rather significant memory leaks in 3.1

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 01/14/03

From: "DJMC" <>
> I have recently started to use gdb and was wondering what program can i
> use for finding the memory leaks.?
> Thanks in advance for any info on the subjet, as the mud i work on is
> on for a month at the time and in the end things start to lag. I supect
> a memory leak of somekind but dont know any tools to check it further.

The tool I use is a (self)modified version of zmalloc which can be found at

The zmalloc tools were created by Eric Murray.

If you decide to use it, be sure to give him credit. Also, be sure to run
your mud with a smaller database/world. Adding the zmalloc calls slows
down considerably, to a point where I - on the development mud, TBA - can't
log on, due to time out because memory allocation/freeing takes so much

The tools, while simple, gives you info about unfreed, multiply freed and
allocated memory, and also informs about buffer overruns/underruns in
malloc'ed memory.

My own alterations are primarily adding support for strdup()
and making sure the checker algorithm is used only when I want it.


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