Re: [OasisOLC] Addition For 2.3

From: Tseran (
Date: 01/14/03

> PEDIT - Player Editor Woohoo, I figure in order to use pedit while a
> player is online or offline, we only modify each struct item for the
> character that was modified.  Instead of rewriting the struct for the
> player.  This way, if the player gains exp, gains level, et cetera, we
> don't mess anything else up.  This is just one example of things to
> come!!

This one, personally, I think is not needed.  The one in the act.wizard
is nice, and it really doesn't need to be that bad.  Also, with ascii
files, it makes it easier to edit them on or offline.  Personally
though, I wanna be the only one to mess with the mortals like that.  :D

> New TEDIT - A virtual editor for TEDIT.  This will also apply for the
> other editors as well.  It will include a builder's choice to have
> this editor on or off.  It will work sorta like the Linux based text
> editors, but for CircleMUD instead.  I already have the source done
> for it (2 old school coders, kwaj and kalten from czech, are
> responsible for this code and will be accredited accordingly).

I like the idea, but wouldn't it also be nice to have that nice editor
for ALL CircleMUD stuff?

> HEDIT - Help Editor (an advanced help editor).

Nice idea.  I would love to see that.  I don't know how many times I
have been online and realized I forgot to add something to help.  I
even added in a log to tell me when an unfound help is accessed
(PlayerFred got no help on 'house') That way I know where the help is

> HOEDIT - House Editor (an advanced house editor).

I like this idea, as I am updating my houses a lot.  I wanna add even
more features to them.

> WEDIT? - World Editor, Links all the other editors together in a main
> menu sorta way.

Interesting idea, I would love to see a 'sample' of how it would look.
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