Re: [BUG] rather significant memory leaks in 3.1

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/15/03

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Thomas Arp wrote:

>This pertains to the pool of large buffers, bufpool, in comm.c.
>These buffers are never free'd.
>Also, there was a host of small memory allocations in mail.c, related
>to the in-memory mail_index.

I'm sure there's some missed because I didn't do an exhaustive search of
the code.  It is only useful for hunting memory leaks and as such I put a
larger priority on shipping the final version than making the ultimately
fruitless memory freeing perfect.

That being said, I'll certainly fix the code now that there has finally
been a stable release.

>After this I was down to
>zmalloc: 10 leaks totalling 240 bytes... close, but not there yet.

I introduced some new leaks in some under-development code recently, the
dynamic command table code.  So I'll give some more time to hunting down
existing missed-free() cases.

Yes you heard me right: dynamic command table.

>Oh, yes - and some multiple free()'s :(

Have some of those too.  Could be the C library's fault now...or mine. Not

George Greer

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