Re: Complete Codebase Opinions wanted

From: Jordan Naas (jmn_223@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 01/15/03

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 15:27:03 -0800, Chris Ward <> wrote:
>I wanted to jump in here on the topic of "Complete" codebases and get some
>peoples opinions on such beasties. How many people would love to be able to
>download a fully modded Circlemud with all the bells and whistles ?, don't
>most of us want to have all those nice fancy toys on our mud for our users
>to enjoy and play with ? or am I completely wrong here and everyone likes
>having few features and having to wonder how to add all those cool things u
>see on other muds to your stock mudbase?

I personally would rather see some of these individual patches updated.
Once I become more familiar with circle and C programming in general I will
probably try my hand at doing it myself.  Like a few have said earlier, it
can become a headache trying to remove features you don't want.  Its much
easier to add than take things out.  Believe me, there are _plenty_ of
patches out there that need to be updated.  I think some of the ones you
mentioned putting into the "complete" codebase have yet to be updated.
Thats just my opinion though.  A "complete" codebase would be cool too.

-Jordan Naas

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