Re: Complete Codebase Opinions wanted

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/15/03

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Chris Ward wrote:

>Myself I look at the circlemud base as a stable system, but its really
>plain, I often wish it came with a ton of built in features so newbie
>coders wouldn't have to bang their heads against the wall as often as they
>do trying to add simple things to the code that should probably be
>standard now, since every mud out there has them patched in already. Like
>OLC.& Dgscripts, pretty much every circlemud i've ever been on had both,
>it just makes life easier.

I'm working on adding back-end features like a new world file parser,
dynamic commands, and less reliance on fixed character arrays.  It's the
front-end features like clans, auction systems, and magic spells that
should be unique so I have no interest in adding those.

>ansi pfiles

I don't know why you'd want color in your player files. Perhaps you meant
ASCII? This is planned.

>easycolor, clan code, auction code, dgscripts, oasis olc, extended race
>code, extended class code

Not planned. far as classes go, I'll try to make it so you can
create/modify/delete classes without rebooting the game but that's the
extent of it.

George Greer

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