Re: Telnet Options and Terminal Interaction

From: Greg Buxton (
Date: 01/15/03

> Greg, I know, you're being sarcastic, I reply anyway.  I'd say few, except
> for a couple of Linux based clients perhaps.

I was being sarcastic?

If you're commenting about the RFCs, those were mentioned by dak, not I.

> You'd probably have to use telnet directly to the MUD if you actually
> this to work the way you want it to.  For instance, it would not work if
> had a command line in your client, and your client might trap certain key
> combinations (like esc m for menu or f10 or whatever), and so forth and so
> on, ad nauseum.  Although, if you had a menu driven interface (like Jed)
> all the editors, perhaps then the whole "wedit" idea can come into effect,
> where you could chose and editor in the menu, and so forth and so on.

Exactly, hence my comment about the correct support for the RFCs mentioned
on the side of the clients as opposed to CircleMUD.

- Greg
Shadows of Amber

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