Telnet Options and Terminal Interaction

From: The Fungi (
Date: 01/15/03

On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 02:26:51PM -0800, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, The Fungi wrote:
> > This is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, if you have knowledge of any
> > CircleMUD tweaks to *reliably* support such things as automatic terminal
> > type detection, ANSI color support detection, terminal geometry
> > detection and so on, I'd be interested to hear it.
> RFC 854 - Telnet Protocol Specification
> RFC 1091 - Terminal Type
> RFC 1073 - Negotiate About Window Size

I knew it would come down to that in the end. I was just curious as
to whether anyone successfully implemented the above standards in a
Circle-derived MUD to that end, and if so would they be willing to
share code? I'm lazy enough to avoid any wheel-reinventing given the
opportunity, but this is basically what I will eventually wind up
writing and releasing when time permits.
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